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DUALS: Official comment thread FREE SIDE (Merged)

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But we can watch exclusive vids, when they are on, access the Vid and album section, use the forum. Read willies tour diary.


The cd is a gift. They don't have to provide any musical content.

You say potato, I say potahto, tomato, tomahto, lets' call the whole thing off wink.gif


I don't look at it as a gift, I paid for it.

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Here's the news you've been waiting for: confirmed tracks and artists on 'U2 Duals', the limited-edition CD of U2 collaborations performed and recorded over three decades.


From the Soweto Gospel Choir to Allan Ginsberg, Willie Nelson to Mary J Blige and Mick Jagger to Green Day, the band have curated a collection of 'duals' which highlight the remarkable range of artists they've worked with.


A few of the fifteen tracks have featured on studio albums, but many have had only limited previous availability and some are released here for the first time.


(A few have been on studio albums, ok lets see, look down below)


We think it's a pretty special collection and with the finished CD now in production, we'll be emailing qualifying subscribers with details of delivery times as soon as we have them.


(and who is WE? also notice how it states THE FINISHED CD NOW IN PRODUCTION, so i doubt the idea of scrapping it won't happen. probably say it costs to much to stop this project)


U2 Duals - Tracklisting



U2 and Soweto Gospel Choir



U2 and Johnny Cash (1. Zooropa)



Bono and Danny Lanois (2. Million Dollar Soundtrack)



Passengers and Luciano Pavarotti (3. Original Soundtracks 1)



U2 and Willie Nelson



U2 and Green Day (4. 18 singles)


7. SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY (Live from Auckland)

U2 and Jay-Z


8. ONE

U2 and Mary J Blige



U2 and BB King (5. Rattle and Hum)


10. STUCK IN A MOMENT YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF (Live at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)

U2 and Mick Jagger



U2, The Dubliners, Kíla, A Band of Bowsies



U2 and Sinead O’Connor



Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge, Rihanna



U2 and Allen Ginsberg



U2 and Soweto Gospel Choir




5 is a few...............but a few too many! (ill shut up now........................)


*mac leaves thread with head held low........................:(

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As a long-time Propaganda subscriber (since 1988), an early adopter of U2.com and an avid supporter of the "official" U2 fan club, I can agree with the sentiments posted in this official thread, as well as the general consensus that U2.com is not worth the price of membership as it currently stands. There are many problems with this *GIFT* CD, most of which have already mentioned by other fans in this thread. What I'd like add to this dialogue is the angst of a paying consumer who has seen her wallet be systematically bled of cash from this band, Live Nation, and Universal Music in general by the repackaging of old material consistently over the past decade or so.


I would challenge the management of the U2 fan club, as well as the band, to look at the demographic of the U2.com paid member. Those who are agreeing to shell out the cost of membership are those who want to officially associate themselves to you, and chances are, have been doing so for a reasonable amount of time. I would venture that once you eliminate those who bought into memberships just for presale tickets, you will find that those who are left are like myself - longtime supporters of the fan club and of anything U2 release in general. We have reasonable collections of U2's work in almost every format: vinyl, cassette, CD, DCC (remember the Phillips days?), laser disc, VHS, DVD, mp3, 3" CD, etc. Heck, some of us even have the elusive 8 track or two. We own the remasters, the box sets, and commemorative releases, rushing to pre-order as soon as the announcement was made of their release. We bought the U2 iPod and the Complete U2. We are the ones who have helped to support U2 at times when you could hear crickets at PopMart concerts in the Southern US (remember Tampa - only 20,000 tickets sold). We have been there and back.


What do the most loyal of fans get in return? We get an official note on U2.com back in 2005 from Larry telling us to FOAD. We get told that our renewal process is in a state of flux and to be patient, and in doing so we have nothing but problems with ticket codes and pre-sales. We are promised a better fan experience and thanked in concerts, but in reality the corporation U2 has entrusted their fans to have done nothing more than drive a deeper wedge between the band and their fans. We are now 6+ years into this new-and-improved fan club and what do we have to show for it?


So now, this "gift" that is classified as "free" is nothing more than a rehash of material that I have officially purchased along the way (with the exception of 2 or 3 tracks). This "free" gift cost me over $130 to obtain when the material was first released. "I'm Not Your Baby" is a B-side widely available on the Please single, as well as on O'Connor's own "Collaborations" album released in 2005.


Is it too much to ask that the official U2 fan club start acting like a real fan club should? We keep going back to Pearl Jam and R.E.M. - whose members and management are good friends of U2 and Principle Management. The corporate side of U2 is forgetting who got them there. In this relationship fans have with their artists, the U2 of old would never have it be an us vs. them, and yet as soon as they agreed to hand over control of these areas of their business and have given an air of removing themselves from the relational side of their official fan club, that is what it has turned into.


While the powers that be will only acknowledge the paid side of Zootopia for the general consensus of the fan reaction, I can assure you that there is great disappointment, angst, and a sense of "who do you take us for?" coming in the various other social media sites, fan-run forums, mail lists (yahoogroups and others). This sentiment runs deeper than this gift CD. This gift CD is the culmination of extreme frustration fans such as myself have about the overpriced fan club, what we really get out of it, and the elimination of that personal connection we once had back in the days of Propaganda, and even the original fan site on MSN where the band members would conduct online interviews and chats.


It is my choice to collect U2 items. It is my choice to be a supporter of the U2 brand. It is my choice to pay for membership to this fan club. So, to Live Nation folks who want to use the argument that no one is forcing you to do anything or to buy anything, you are correct. I can choose to take my business elsewhere, which from the sounds of it, many people are seriously contemplating at this time.


U2 fans know that this band has the ability to really offer their fans something far better. This Duals CD was advertised back in August - almost 6 months ago. You mean to tell me that after all this "planning," the best you could do was offer something off of Rattle and Hum?


Yours in frustration and disappointment.

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Agree wholeheartdly with the above post. I have been a member of Propaganda/u2.com since 1987. I have 2 codes still to use for tickets, not impressed by recent 'free' gifts that are either late or don't turn up full stop. So what's the point of re-subscribing next time?

I really don't understand why the band don't use the outlet of a website to their advantage. Why does everything U2 do have to veiled in secrecy?
Just give us live downloads, $5-$10 per show. Forget the freebies.

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I notice today that the wording on the front page of u2.com regarding this item has changed.


"A few of the fifteen tracks have featured on studio albums, but many have had only limited previous availability and some are released here for the first time."


It sounds like you are trying to justify things now that this is blowing up, and people are expressing displeasure. And really, do you have to keep editing stories? It's annoying to see the same story edited multiple times to change information that was originally there.


But by my count:






Great word play there u2.com.


It all depends on how you look at limited release. No one is going to argue "Ronnie Drew" and "Slow Dancing" had limited release on singles. Amazing Grace / Streets could be argued either way. It's just the audio

track from the Rose Bowl DVD with the Soweto Gospel Choir mixed in afterwards. So the U2 portion is very available. The only thing that makes this limited, is they mixed another group in over top. And "Drunk Chicken" came out on the Deluxe Joshua Tree version. I'd argue that isn't very limited yet, and I could go out to a music shop tomorrow and buy it. But there they are saying many of the tracks have limited availability.


Only 2 tracks are new. That's if Stranded is a new mix of the song and not just an old version renamed, which I suspect it will be. The other new one is Sunday Bloody Sunday with Jay-Z, which we have already heard,

thanks to u2.com - so the only unheard thing on here is Stranded if it is a new mix. Otherwise everythings been heard.


The other 8 tracks easy to find. Widely released. And I'd argue Drunk Chicken, and the Soweto tracks could be counted here as well. Over half of this compilation is easy to find. But that's "A Few", while less than half is "Many".


I have to say this is the most disappointing release so far in the fan club history. I'm an avid collector. I don't expect everything to be new to me on these fan club releases, but I do expect some thought to be put into it. How about a few tracks that have only appeared on vinyl? Or how about those live shows from 12-89 and 03-83 from the Complete U2 being released uncompressed? There's lots of things I'd appreciate. Regurgitation of album tracks, and tracks that are easily found on other artists CDs (Mary J, Johnny Cash, and Pavarotti all have easily accessible CDs with these tracks) feels like a giant slap in the face.


No longer does membership order matter to you. I bought my membership to U2.com when it first came alive. I was a member of Propaganda for years before that, dating back to the Rattle and Hum days. It used to be worth it to keep a membership alive. But this week when the presales happened for the Moncton show? YUP. Someone buying a membership that same day had the same access to tickets that I did, and scalpers bought them like mad, as evidenced on eBay. Now this. A CD of stuff that's easy to find. Even worse is the stories trying to justify it. Over half of these tracks are easily available, and I could download them from iTunes in seconds if I didn't want to go out the door.


Forget the "Duets" concept if it's causing you trouble coming up with material. I'd be happier to see that concept dropped completely if we get a good mix of stuff. But album tracks? Seriously. That hurts.

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[quote name='Bajagirl wrote:

basher1']Could a Mod possibly reply or send this thread on to show the discontent of loyal fans who feel they are being royally shafted by u2 and u2.com i say u2 because this is the official u2 website therefore it is thier name and reputation.

I'll pass along the thread to management, (hence the merging, so everything is in one place)


As for comments about censorship, merging the threads is not censorship. Everything you guys wrote is all here.

Maybe so B but my thread was something i had set-up and then i had to go searching for it there was no communication saying it had been put elsewhere therefore censorship as far as i am concerned.


Now i may not be a paying member anymore but a lot of my friends are some of whom are/will be very vocal some however are not that way inclined........what i mean is they don't have as much of a gob on them as i do.



Anyways anyone reading this (i know this is gonna sound crazy coming from me) can we keep this thread as civil as possible so that whoever runs this place sees whats going on and understands the discontent from everyone.



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