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DUALS: Official comment thread FREE SIDE (Merged)


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[quote name='psikofunkster wrote:

Ellay wrote:

123love']still no sign of duals , no one better tamper with my mail box when it gets here , I dont want a ruined disc either.............................please not be stolen , just wait to see when it gets here.. dont want to lose my smile

I've not got mine either


So I'm hoping, because others haven't got theirs either, that it just hasn't been sent yet.



mine was sent and lost or stolen.....frown.gif


BTW some users received two copies...

I joined officially 2 months ago and I already go mine....alas they delivered it to the wrong house, but it turned up undamaged at my house. 

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Glastonbury was One of the greatest U2 shows I've ever seen/ heard even though I watched it on TV.

It'd be great as a resub gift the entire Glasto show, what about chucking in the studio version of 'Glastonbury' as a bonus track too?

We're dreaming out loud - hope you can hear us =0)
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