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U2 Duels Cd.


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On behalf of Bono Adam Larry and The Edge i would like to apologise to the subscribers of this website as once again you have just been pumped into paying good money for nothing, we wanted to give you something special because as Bono has often stated "Thanks for spending you're hard earned cash on us" yeah well no problem Bono.


The tracklisting for this cd is a total joke and i have now noticed that more folk are now signalling thier intention to not re-sub and i can't blame them.


For too long the subbers (yes i was one until May last year) Were renewing faithfully for "EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS" on U2.com things like:


 Pre-sale codes....no earthly good for a stadium gig as you could buy tickets in the general sale.

"Exclusive gift".....over the last few years a cd of stuff that most if not all subbys have re-hased nonsense and the only thing of any note the artwork......also the fact that as soon as the cd's start dropping through the door you could download it online within minutes.


There is nothing now that gives the subscribers any "exclusive benefits"....full length videos....youtube.....


We all tried to say that this site was heading downwards and if truthful i would hope most folk would agree that whoever runs this site did not listen and the majority were ignored and they seem to have ignored folk at theor peril as loads of folk have not re-newed and more are saying they are not going to.


Now what will be done about this????.....probably nothing in fact it won't surprise me if this thread dissappears rapidly which is why i will put these words on Facebook the real home of  Zootops now.



On no account am i actually apologising on behalf of the members of the band i am merely stating that it would be nice of them to do this for ripping loyal fans off

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