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A good place to get U2 vinyl records?


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i haven,t had chance to listen to it yet as the only thing i,ve got to play vinyl on is in the loft at the mo,cause of trying to decorate,i love looking round car boot sales(not sure you have them where you are)and some second hand shops are good sometimes,and i love looking on ebay but it,s not quite the same as being able to rummage through boxes of old vinyl.

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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

maggie18patchwork wrote:

xtraspicy62']yes, the sound is so much better...cd's sound tin-y by comparrison.....


vinyl sounds richer and fuller...


Yes, I agree, such a shame when vinyl died off, had to put up with those horrible cassette's for a while and then came CD's. The first CD I brought was the HMTMKMKM single !!!!
maggie, were you blown away by that cd?


I most certainly was! blown so far took me ages to walk back!!!

I have all U2's albums on vinyl except the 2 best of collections. Have the 2 box set of vinyl singles but would love the 2 albums, that would complete my collection.happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif

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