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Protest Songs from the Middle East


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Hi.  In the spirit of protest music, U2.com seems a very good place to share these songs from Egypt and the wider Middle East.  Enjoy!


The Best Protest Songs From Egypt, Tunisia, And Iran

February 15, 2011,  RFE/RL
Computers are not usually credited with motivating twentysomethings to hit the streets -- but technology seems to have helped do exactly that when it comes to the recent spate of antigovernment protests erupting in the Middle East and North Africa.


In Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia, a new wave of powerful music videos -- some original, some mashups -- are being circulated among young activists. Here's a rundown of videos that are helping inspire a generation.


Egypt: "Voice of Freedom" (click CC to get English subtitles):




Tunisia: "I Am Free, My Word Is Free"



Iran: Golshifte Farahani's "Be Of A Strong Heart"




Egypt: Popular Anti-Government Rap Song 




Iran: New Version Of Traditional Student Movement Protest Song 



-- Kristin Deasy and Hannah Kaviani

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