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I am just after finishing reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.  I was entrigued by the section regarding Albrecht Drurer's "Magic Square" from the engraving Melencolia I. 


Some of you might be very familiar with this already, but for those who are not, keep reading.  It might bore you or entertain you a little.


If you look at these 16 numbers in the magic square below you'll notice a  few things:

- The numbers in each coloured box(es) always add up to 34.

- The number 16 if separated into 1 & 6 and added together will give you 7.

- Likewise, the number 34 when separated into 3 & 4 and added together is also 7.

- The two numbers at the bottom in the center (1514) is the year that this number sequence was invented.

- If you add 5 & 4 and add 1 & 1 you get 9 & 2.  If subtract the latter from the former, you also get 7.

- The number 7 is often thought of as either a lucky number or a perfect number.


1. I turned 34 this month.

2.  It was February 17 when I read this section of the book (02.17 OR 02x17=34).





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That was quite fascinating. Thanks for posting it. I'm one of those people who love numbers and really enjoyed math class. I quite enjoyed this. Also, I hope you had a good birthday!

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