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help Me anyone--all 4 contest categories are ready-but....


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then sizes above are much larger when I get the html code for them...


so they will post to this site


and they are ready to go!!


why wont the post on this site as large as they are on vizu.com?


anyone can create a poll-so im happy i learned something new!


mayvbe im posting wrong in here?



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whenever i copy the html code from vizu.com-where I created my polls-the size is perfect...


all 4 polls are ready to roll...


then when i paste onto here using the HTML icon, they immediately shrink!


all 4 polls are ready!


I learned something new Ive never done before!


but why isnt it transferring to u2.com as large?


bigwave used the same technology for the pumpkin contest...


and I got it to work once in the feedback forum under TEST


now it wont work ever again!!

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