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Counting Encore!

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50072 Hope I edited in those numbers correctly, think I did! All your talk of pancakes is making me so hungry, but it's nearly 8 pm and way too late for that. I have never had pancakes with lemon juice -we usually have ours with Vermont maple syrup or berry jam with sliced bananas. I will have to try them with lemon juice one day, but not sure how to prepare it - do you just pick a lemon and squeeze it? Someone remind me of why pancakes are eaten today - sorry, but I don't remember and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing about customs like this!!!!!

If I remember correct, pancake tuesday / pancake day has something to do with easter. Maybe people started to fast and ate lots of pancakes before fasting period...? or something like that!?smile.gif


So we don't eat pancakes on pancake day (and we don't call it as pancake day either) but we eat those buns filled with cream and jam tongue.giftongue.gif


And pancakes for breakfast - sounds goooooood!! But here... very very rarelyohwell.gif

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