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What music are you listening to part 3

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I've had M83's latest double album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" playing repeatedly on my (U2 Special Edition) iPod since I picked up the discs in April. I've also been listening to their excellent "Saturdays = Youth" album from 2008 which is an album that I recall The Edge said he listened a lot to prior to the release of NLOTH.


There are echoes of "The Joshua Tree" in "Hurry Up..." both conceptually and literally: M83's frontman Anthony Gonzalez moved from his native France to Los Angeles and spent lot of time going on solo roadtrips to explore America. One of those trips was to Joshua Tree National Park where he wrote some of the tracks.


IMO, the album's opening track "Intro" sounds like "Where The Streets Have No Name 2012". Other standout tracks are "Midnight City" (broodingly funky synth metal), "Reunion" (perfect song to set an 80's-themed action scene to) and "Steve McQueen" (what joy must sound like when it's strapped to a rocket ship aimed for heaven).


Here are the (thematically linked) videos for



Note the shout out to the late great Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys at the 0:43 mark during the video for "Reunion".

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Music sounds kewl, I was listening to Florence and the Machine, Never let me go.. But now im going to sleep im tired and the kids are sleeping now so I can sleep

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M83's "We Own the Sky" = GREAT


Was listening to Massive Attack's "Girl I Love You" off the Heligoland album at lunch, Saint Etienne's "Like A Motorway" and Royksopp's "Sombre Detune".


Will post the full tracklist when I get home. Made a sample CD for a fellow James fan on the daisy Chain FB page. Music exchange just like the good old days of tape trees.

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Burn Tested the custom CD compilation, works great, no errors, now listening to:

album: 'Continental Divide' by Various Artists

runtime- 80:44


01 U2 ~ A Celebration

02 Midnight Oil ~ Luritja Way

03 Utada Hikaru ~ Passion

04 Massive Attack ~ Girl I Love You

05 Kasabian ~ Underdog

06 Deadmau5 ~ Not Exactly (Original)

07 Module ~ Hyperspace (Bonus World) Extended Edition

08 Bat For Lashes ~ Glass

09 Doves ~ Darker

10 Manic Street Preachers ~ Empty Souls

11 Saint Etienne ~ Like A Motorway

12 Goldfrapp ~ Strict Machine

13 MUSE ~ Map of the Problematique

14 Led Zeppelin ~ Nobody's Fault But Mine

15 Yes ~ Homeworld (The Ladder)

16 mrnorth ~ Rope

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