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What music are you listening to part 3


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Oh no on the contrary, to me Breathe celebrates the fact Life in itself is enough for all of us and that we do not need everything that is in our mind, in the world... the breath of life is God in its purest aspect, without any human interpretation... but maybe that's how I feel so I read this in Bono's lyrics :D

Try reading the lyrics again thinking that Bono finds God in silence, breathing, and love and that when he says "there's nothing you have that I need" he might be talking to our world, the world of money, materialism and war...

Just an interpretation though, obviously I might be totally wrong... I'm not in Bono's mind (pity LOL).

That's my take on it too and I love the way Bono sounds angry at the start of the song as the world intrudes and it changes to joyous celebration as Bono just breathes and lets the world go away and lets God seep in 

Right now, listening to Hotel Cal. on the radio

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I've borrowed the deluxe CD from a friend, Chimera and all !! actually I just like to learn I am the Walrus Bono version, and Mr. Kite.  I appreciate the arrangement.

I've not seen the movei, probably won't soon, my attention span is different than in the past.

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