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What music are you listening to part 3

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkBh9xwDAtc Afterlife Switchfoot

Kissing Bliss..

Am catching up some emails to friends, I am so slack.   I am listening to the Beatles, right now, "If I fell".   sounds vocally like a good song for Bono to cover. I mean, it doesent have to be a

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I love James - they were the first proper gig I ever went to at the Ritz nightclub in Manchester in 1988!

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[quote name='U2LAWoman wrote:

wahine']Johnny Cash: The cover of Hurt he does

That's such a great song. Did you watch the BIO on Johnny Cash last week. They talked to one of his daughters and she retold how after they made the video. He really wanted her to see it and when she did. He asked her what she thought of it. She said it was sad, it was like he was saying good-bye. And he said, "I am..."


No I hadn't seen it! I will see if I can find it online. The emotions in that song are haunting and for sure he sounds like he is saying goodbye. How grand to be able to have remade that song at that time in his life.

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