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What music are you listening to part 3

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Very good radio music today. Started w/ SBS, then NYD both in their entirety. Then the tail end of NYD followed by my first ever hearing on the radio of Two Hearts Beat as One! I was a looney dancing in the car as much as one can possibly do so! lol!!


Heard some other really good songs today too.


My Umbrella by Tripping Daisy

- never heard this before

If I Had a Gun by Noel Gallagher's HFB

Spiderwebs by No Doubt

Melt w/ You by Modern English

Alive by Pearl Jam

6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps - reminded me of something that could have been on Zooropa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSXHswv5DWY

Sound of Winter by Bush - LOVE this!

The Chemicals Between Us - Bush - they are good!

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Well, I've been taking my kiddos out and about and to practices and such. So, I've listened to Three Days Grace, Mus, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and One Republic with TDG and LP being the most played which is okay by me. :)

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Never took the time ~ Akon


Just breath ~ Pearl Jam


Dont Speak ~ No doubt


In my box ~ Fairfeild Palour


From my Hometown ~ Adele


I didnt come here to talk ~ Ray Scott


She keeps no secrets from you ~ Angels


Juliet ~ Cold chisel


Big mouth strikes again ~ The Smiths

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