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Thoughts and Prayers to Japan

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ALL I NEED IS PRAYING from wisteria in Japan


We are in shock.

Please PRAYING for all the suffering people and their lost.


Now, we not only Japanese people have Nuclear Power Plant problems,

but these things are moveing toward resolution.


Reactor and fuel pools start cooling down.

More than 100 brave crew was working in this FIRST COOLING DOWN MISSION.


It was hard and dangerous work. But they did it in safe.

I know that project leader was serving for God and the world.

God bless.


Now another team is working at cooling down project.

Please continue to PRAY for them.


Many volunteers waiting to go to Tohoku-Area.

Please PRAY for their work.


Thank you everyone in here.

Thank you sooooo much for your praying.

Sorry for my poor English.



LORD, you are the God who saves us;

day and night we cry out to you.

May our prayer come before you;

turn your ear to our cry.

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It´s so sad that Japan had to go through so many severe tragedies within such a short time. The images I saw on the TV news looked horrible. The earthquake and tsunami made me aware of the destructive and unpredictable power of nature. And the situation in the nuclear power plant Fukushima is still very serious. I hope that the employees who work there will succeed to cool down the reactors.


I wish all people much, much strength to bear all this. Many prayers to Japan.




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I've been listening to this often, also fez being born conveys my coping mechanism.

in my offline community, i'm participating in donating to the Cooperative Emergency Fund of  the Co-Operative Development Foundation.


Love & Peace


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My friend Danny has finally made arrangements to get to Sendai, it is a lot more difficult than you can imagine getting there, Kelly Slater (the pro surfer) donated $10K and so did Rob Machado and a bunch of the surf companies, the surfers have their own organization where 100% of the donations go to the people. There is no overhead none of that crap, since I have consistently observed how much goes to what in donations, Kelly Slater and Quiksilver really have stepped up along with all the pros and the amateurs. So the whole crew is heading out with the surf vans filled to the brim with everything they can get in it. The water purifiers are most important. The organization is called www.wavesforwater.org and if anyone knows how to get the most from money it is surfers. Anyhow, since Danny was a pro surfer and runs the surf camps in Japan and as his son survived the tsunami, the earthquake right there in Sendai and now the contamination of the water, food etc from the nuke plant, the ocean is toxic now. He spent 5 days not knowing if his son survived and then through the power of linkedin, a social site, his teacher from his school where he was when the tsunami hit, finally got ahold of me and told me all the details of what happened and he was still worried about first years at the junior high. But he knows Dannys son very well and he is holding up. Danny's wife will not leave her family in Sendai, they want to rebuild, the way the culture is amazing. I still think it is too close to the fallout of this radiation, etc. but in Japan families stay together and she won't leave her parents. So everything is being brought up there to the surfing families, that we know lost everything, these are personal friends in the surf industry, even little kids that were just learning to surf, they are on the list to find and make sure they are OK, I know lots of help is needed but if the surfers start with their own surfers there, then they can go out and help once they are stable. I understand the music industry is doing some sort of the same thing. Each activity is taking care of their own so they can go help others. Nothing there has changed. People are still living in shelters, electricity is slowly being restored but they lost everything. I thought it was so sweet that Danny is making a point of getting the water filters up to more hard hit areas. His wifes family's home is screwed, they were just lucky to survive it all, I have begged him to bring them home, bring them to the US but they wont come. I still think Sendai is just too close to the activities, and every day there are more quakes. So, the waves for water started during Haiti, Kelly Slater handled it and Kelly has enough money to make sure 100% goes to the people he is the most winningest athelete of ALL TIME in any sport. I've known him since he was a baby, he actually begged to hold my surfboard when he was little that had the U2 Unforgettable Fire logo on it. He has always been a fan of U2 and talks about meeting them in his book. His mother and I are very close as well as his brother we just attended his wedding, the Slater family is such a blessing in this nightmare that has occured. Kelly always worries about the children and he has really stepped up for his friend Danny. All of us have. It was just a miracle that they all survived, mostly his son that was so close to the ocean when the tsunami hit. The prayers and thoughts of kindness that came from the zoo crew helped us all to get through it together. Obligations have been met and today the vans leave taking supplies to the families. It will be the first time Danny has seen his son and his baby girl since the quake. A huge thank you to all who helped with their prayers! I pray Japan comes back stronger than before, all I know is they are loved, and I thank God the surfers came together to get into the places where they know help is needed most. LOL. surfers are some of the biggest political action crews you have ever met. And today they are doing great things. My prayer is that the Lord helps them to heal. And thank you once again zoo crew for all your prayers. The Lord answered them. Even when it looked to be the darkest and scariest of times during those days, the prayers carried not only me but Danny through. He has expressed his gratitude over and over and over for the prayers and I told him I would pass his thanks along. Thank you for your prayers. Now I pray they are safe on the journey and that the Lord settles down the land so their travels are safe.

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