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Technologies to Reverse Ageing


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Hi.  So, I gained a new follower on Twitter today, and when I followed the links to his website, I found a pretty cool one:  Plus Ultra Technologies.  Much of the subject matter he covers is of the same category as Kurzweil AI, Accelerating Intelligence, which I have mentioned before and have a link to in my profile.

Age Reversal Technology....


Will modern Science be able to stop aging?  Will it be able to reverse it?

Ever since Ponce de Leon, in the minds of most Americans, man has dreamed of a sort of youthful immortality.  

To achieve this goal, it seems to us there are only two options.  The first option is to be able to understand the aging process and then to be able to reverse it in our tissues.  The second option, is much more radical, it is to be able to replace our organs, as needed, with artificial ones which can be easily repaired or replaced.  Under this first option, there are several sub-options, that are explained in the term, "regenerative medicine."  With the first option, it would seem logical to think that there must be a limit to the rejuvenation.  At some point, the original cells may not be able to rejuvenated any longer.  When this happens, we will have to switch to the second option anyway.  So it seems logical to conclude that the second option, that of artificially replacing the organs and body parts is the long term goal to achieve a form of immortality.  This is the position of the Transhumanists.  

Newborn Screening Saves Lives of Act of 2007

President Bush signed into law, a process that will have all new born children screened for heritable disorders at their birth hospital, by the Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children.  They are to:

1) making recommendations that include the heritable disorders for which all newborns should be screened; (2) developing a model decision-matrix for newborn screening expansion; and (3) considering ways to ensure that all states attain the capacity to screen for the recommended conditions. Sets forth deadlines for the Secretary to make a decision on Advisory Committee recommendations.
According to the law, the DNA extracted from the newborns, will become the property of the Federal government, and, will be used for research.

Cellular Memory

Some people who have had heart transplants have stated that over time they assume some of the personality of the previous owner.  To most scientists, these claims are seen as anecdotal.  They claim that there is no possibility that a cell or organ, could retain any "memory" of its previous owner.  Yet recently there was an article published in Nature, which showed how very simple organisms were capable of some "memory."

Brilliant futurists, such as Raymond Kurzweil, have espoused this position in several books and many lectures. But how close is Science to realizing this objective?  These videos will deal with issues such as, Cryogenics, artificial organ replacement, cellular memory, regenerative medicine, 

(post cont.... working on getting the videos embedded....)





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