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I wish I was in California for this surf contest


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Wow! Huntington Beach, California is going to be THE PLACE this week! I so badly wanna fly out there. Ok, one video from a zoo crew sent on to my son got him back on the surf tour, somehow by the Grace of God he got into the event, he is no longer a ranked surfer on the world tour, first time since he was a kid, and now he got into the contest, he will be coming up against his cousins (my niece from Costa Rica) her boyfriend in the event, he is the Costa Rica champion, which pits my family against each other kinda, although I know they will all be cheering for my son, even Hobgood flew in for this one. It is gonna be the heaviest surf contest, total progressive surfing. I get to watch it live on the internet (which I still cannot figure out why we can't see U2 shows the same way) but here we go!!!! I am so excited!!! I just wanna hop a flight this week! Thanks for the video that got him off his ass and back on his boards! I honestly believe he wouldnt have gone back to competitive surfing if it wasn't for this video being sent to me one morning by a friend in the zoo and then forwarding it on to him.

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