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Why GIBBO was suspended,...

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[quote name='Bajagirl wrote:

MrsFish wrote:



Mac's thread is in the new  HOTSEAT forum, inside PAID GENERAL, and I mispoke, I meant Micks


Less than 10 people that have been banned in the last 3 years (besides spammers). All others were suspended and are back or  chose not to return after their suspensions. Many claim they were banned when they were not.


I acknowledge your friendship with Gibbo, I think he is a swell guy, but posted inappropriately and he has to deal with the consequences. His new posting under aliases WILL get him banned and I don't want to do that, but I will if forced to buy his actions.


As for FB, yes I was making a point by leaving it there, I mean than it would be my word against him, needed proof. And I dont moderate there, and make a great effort to avoid posting dissenting opinions as people feel moderated.


As for a one person word against another, if you chose not to believe it that is your choice. But i have to show the other mods and admin the proof, so I don't do thing willy nilly.




Did he make that comment on your facebook though AFTER he had already been suspended?!

No, he did it before. But I saw it after. Only behavior on u2.com counts. So for example his posting my picture on his FB is petty and childish but there is nothing I can do about it.

How did he find you on Facebook?

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I don't know Gibbo at all and am only wading into this thread long enough to point out the irony that Willie says "apeshit" in his latest post and Bono is both giving the finger and repeatedly telling the Live Nation camera person (and all of us through it) to F off in the latest video.


The timing is sort of comical to me as we discuss the appropriateness of cussing on this site.

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Wait. I'm confused. What did Mummy do?

Mummy was apparently the third or fourth reincarnation of a permanently banned zootop. That is my understanding of why he was banned.

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