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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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63847-hi spicy,i think i have missed you,i,m doing ok,thanks,i have signed up to do the race for life (the same one zhivv did 2 years ago)so have been walking alot more,running abit with the dog and been using the home gym,so hoping i will be fit enough to jog 3 miles by the 15th july,hope all is good with you,

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63846 wow polly, cant imagine such a hard life either, but somehow they survived...is it in english?


sounds like it might be inspirational to read.

63851...the book is in Icelandic, and it looks like it's not out in English yet....thïs is the first book (they are three and I'm reading the 3rd and the last one...)




Book Description

Publication Date: September 2, 2010
In a remote part of Iceland, a boy and his friend Barethur join a boat to fish for cod. A winter storm surprises them out at sea and Barethur who has forgotten his waterproof as he was too absorbed in "Paradise Lost", succumbs to the ferocious cold and dies. Appalled by the death and by the fishermen's callous ability to set about gutting the fatal catch, the boy leaves the village, intending to return the book to its owner. The extreme hardship and danger of the journey is of little consequence to him - he has already resolved to join his friend in death. But once in the town he immerses himself in the stories and lives of its inhabitants, and decides that he cannot be with his friend just yet. Set at the turn of the twentieth century, Heaven and Hell is a perfectly formed, vivid and timeless story, lyrical in style, and as intense a reading experience as the forces of the Icelandic landscape themselves. An outstandingly moving novel


Heaven and Hell by Jón Kalman Stefánsson and Philip Roughton (Sep 22, 2011)

Formats   Price   New Used
Kindle Edition Auto-delivered wirelessly   $9.39      
Hardcover       $11.70 $11.70
Other Formats: Paperback
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63852 - Claire- I posted ages ago in here to ask how awesome they were - but i guess the gremlins stole it!!!

That novel sounds realy good Polly!

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