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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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63987-hi maarten,i,m not to bad thanks,how are things with you,xxsmile.gifsmile.gif i was going to take the dog for a walk but it,s raining so i think i will wait abit,

63988 blue_butterfly.gifblue_butterfly.gifblue_butterfly.gif Hello Caz blue_butterfly.gifblue_butterfly.gifblue_butterfly.gif How are you, long time we have not chatted, hope your healthy and well, and me well Im happy, hope you are too, good old friend, zoo family..

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63989-hello 123,no i haven,t been in for a while,i,m not to bad,i,m not working at the minute so no stress anymore from my old work,just need to find something after my hoilday in 2 weeks time,

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63991-yeah it sure is,there needs to be things going on in here,it just seems like nothing is happening anymore, i better be off for abit to sort out somrthing to eat,will try and get back in later,bye for now 123,xx

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