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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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After not having a very good nights sleep...THANKS TO BOSS, and just eating a lot of mini chocolate easter eggs, and now feeling a little sick..Not sure why I eat them, had planned to give them to daughter, and feeling b****y cold, going to go and curl up on the sofa for a while...BE BACK SOON.!laugh.gif

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Hi girls... just came in and see no blue lights...bored.gif

Zhiv, good to hear that John's dad is feeling better!


Patti, sorry that I missed you again... hope the docs can help you, it's very uncomfortable to feel dizzy... my friend at work felt very dizzy for days and when she almost fainted she went to doctor and they found out she had a bad infection in her ear and that caused the dizzy-feeling! Guess that Canucks won yesterday, goooooooooood for them and you!!smile.gif banana.gif


Cash, have a great U2 day and take some rest, it's well-earned! If you still have some extra energy after cleaning your home, you are always welcomed here to wash my windowshappy.gif


Sue, sorry about your boss who ruined your day...mad.gif HUGS, hope you feel better already!smile.gif


123, hope everything goes / went well today at the meeting!! And yes, I believe that you (and both of us!) will meet someone nicesmile.gif


and everyone else, have a good day, hope to chat soon with you xxxx





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Zhivvy, glad to read that John's dad is on the home, it's the best place to be


Sue, Sorrt to read your boss is horrible, not much we can do sometimes, need the money, but just think he/she can't be very happy if he/she has to be so nasty.


123, happy radio listening.


Patti, hope you are feeling better.



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59244 - evening all!! Enjoying the evening sun and finishing watching last night's masterchef - been watching them all today lol!

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