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More counting.........part 1000!!!!


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58377-i know i,ve missed all the shows as never able to get a good link,i,m having easy food tonight as have to go out when him gets home from work.so doing chicken burgers in brown cobs with coleslaw.

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58379 - Aw thanks Sue, {{{{{hugs}}}}} back to you and to Caz too!


Mmm, that does sound yummy Caz. We are having sandwiches tonight as Jennifer some pageant stuff, home for a bit, then she has dance practice. So something light! I bought a delicious spanokopita so I am having that for my lunch.

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58381-thanks they are quite tasty.patti i,ve never heard of spanokopita,what is it? hi maggie.

58385grin.gif Thank Caz I was thinking what is spanokopita....not sure?grin.gif
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