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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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61535..........numbers 123 !!!


...and Zhyv you can have all the sun....and the heat too, it's 28 degrees !!



laugh.gifroll.giftrust you to find that Polly !! I can only go up to three haha..

Today I went out to service , telling people about the signs of the times how its very distressing for everyone , with poverty , terrorism , earthquakes, floods , tornado's and increase in crime and  how it seems to be not the why generation but the ''me'' generation , where is the love , I know its out there..Anyway we've been telling people the wonderful hope we have in the near future and how we may be able to take part in that..Tonight I have a meeting , wish I could bring you all in my back pocket.. I also in the next hour must take my friend to physio for her hand/wrist that she had broken..

So I hope you are all well and take care , miss you all and love you..xxxx oooosmile.gif

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61547 - sort of here in between the washing mountain lol!!!

feet getting better - how are you?

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