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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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63120 Thanx Patti happy.gif Now you be a good girl and dont get too drunkeek.gifwink.gifI better go as well , its cuppa soup time whilst I listen to the radio and relax in bed since I feel pretty weak nowfrown.gif Take care , dont run off with Bono , he's mine wink.gifYou can have the Edgetongue.gif lol bye bye smile.gif xxxx oooo

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63123 - I will take either Bono or Edge 123, lol. I won't be drinking probably, still not feeling great after the car accident and I am on pain pills.


Hi Maggie! Its been the worst weather here! I hate the heat, but its cold and rainy. I got an email from Air Canada, flight out in the morning may be delayed due to fog - in July, really, what the hell?????????? The weather in New York is very hot and muggy, I may melt off a few pounds in that weather so that is a good thing, lol.


I am too excited and busy to get to bed. I am gonna get maybe 2 hours sleep, but I have a long flight so can catch up there.


Hope you are feeling better Maggie!!!!

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