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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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64496 Oh such lovely pics Cam smile.gif..

Im really happy , daughters bedroom got sorted last night , I hope she can try and keep it tidy , not sure with her ocd frown.gif

Im getting better but slowly ohwell.gif Im hoping you all are having sweet sleeps and taking care of yourselves and searching for good things to keep you occupied , take care , luv ya and be good , now it time for radio and rest , so see you all later smile.gifxxxx oooo

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I didn't know you weren't feeling well 123love, but I'm glad to read that you're improving ... well it is late for me now, need to wake up in 7 hours, better go to sleep ...


good night, sweet dreams everybody ...



Adam ...


and Bono...


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Hi all!


Thanks for posting those niiiiiiiiiiiice pics Camuchasmile.gif


Days of laziness are here!! I'm going to the beach, then my friends birthday party and some packing later!!smile.gif

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