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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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Hello Maggie and Zhivvy......After getting very wet, now sun comes out...but very windy/cold...done my sew in labels, try and get Hannah to polish her shoes.....School Starts tomorrow...happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif

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Hello Maggie, why is life differcult....decided to get Netintelligence Protects off...phoned comet....had to save everything...then told me they close at 5:00pm.....so have to phone them at 8:00am and we start....I hope...tomorrow having a laptop which will do what I wish...happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif

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65802-morning all,anyone around,my last day off before back to work tomorrow,it,s quite sunny here but abit cold and windy and radio says heavy rain later so me thinks i will go out and get my few things done that i need to do today early to avoid the rain,hope to see you later.smile.gifsmile.gif

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Morning Caz,


I'm up late due to a very late night (3am). But it is nice and sunny here too, but I feel it's about to change so must go and cycle before the rain arrives.


I got caught out yesterday, had a lazy morning hoping to go out in the afternoon, but the heavens opened around 11am and never stopped.


Have a lovely day and try and catch you later, xx

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