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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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58627-hi sue,i,ve been quite busy,done all the washing,hoovered,food shop,walked the dog and some gardening,so thats took up most of the day,how about you?

i was really tried last night maggie but today feel good,how about you?

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58627 - Hi Caz, how are you? My niece works weekends at a burger/pizza place so she often brings something home. Not so good for my healthy eating, but everything there is homemade with no preservatives so it is healthier than most. They make the best chips in the world, delicious!!!!!


It was good Sue and quite easy. My niece wouldn't eat it though, had to fry her up some sausages, and pasta and mushy peas, lol.

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I haven't even started decorating...not even got any paint charts, and the thought of all the wires behind the tv etc...and moving all the stuff.......running off and get kert and get her to paint she's just done..hers and made such a good job!!!!!!!roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif

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