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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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65854 I can picture you on your knees - that's a devotion to the cause of ironing!

mmm sandwich was very nice but fancied something warm like soup, tis blustery and wet here, feels autumnal, just put heating on!!

S'pose I'd betta get on with some work, have an afternoon of preparing numerous graphs! (yawns)

see ya later 
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Oh dear the bloody ironing board has just collapsed and now I'm on the floor trying to iron...


"On your knees girl" !!!!!!!


Anjana, love the wensleydale & carrot sandwich, ( not sure of spellimg either)


Maggie your having a bad time, with yesterday bathroom light switch,eek.gif and I thought I said it was your husband who had to get down on his knees...roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif!!!!!

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65852 digging up my soul going down excavation...

hello Maggie. I'm chomping on an M&S Wenslydale (is that how you spell it?) cheese and carrot chutney sandwich2rzukw3.gif

This sandwich sounds lovely.....would go well with my mug of coffee....ohwell.gif maybe another time.....wink.gif

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Have to go, Polly me thinks you'll be off home soon.....may catch you this evening...

Zhivvy.......Missed you again..... :(((((  May catch later...

Maggie hope your off your knees...:))  """""""""""""""

Anjana..Hope alls well with you.  :))   '"""""""""""""


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65862 - maggie found you on FB as i am chattin to you right now

Sue i missed you here there and everywhere - hope to see you later

Anj i may see you tmorrow in the day i hope

polly if i am up late i guess you will be about

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