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More counting.........part 1000!!!!


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58225 - Good afternoon here! Taking a quick break before I do some more cleaning, etc. Mmm, we are having nachos tomorrow night for dinner Zhivvy! And I am supposed to remind you about the recipe, but no rush!


Thanks Kert! I am stressing about it, I always stress about everything! Want it to be perfect for my niece!


Hi Maggie! Hi Caz!!!

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58234 - Like I said, no rush Zhivvy and just let me know the ingredients and I will throw them into the pot!


Love the Vertigo dvd Caz, of course I love all the U2 ones, lol. I had to take another break. Damn vacumn cleaner (Hoover) broke and I am using a little hand-held one, ugh, lots of work! I am listening to the new REM cd and I am crying my eyes out. My ex bf and I always listened to them, it was our band, and I am thinking how nice it would have been to listen to it with him.

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