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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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61392.....You need to count Spicy tongue.gif !!!


From the beginning we just did th counting......but I suddenly with the new Zoo and Zhiv going bananas...you can write whatever you feel like !!

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board has been an absolute mess and had a melt down earlier, doing my photo thread posts over and over and over again....


keeps getting mysteriously screwed up after I post everything,


so i have to go back and meticulously re-do everything,


only to have it destroyed, yet again. then again. then again...


it was wierd because only the photo thread was being altered at first...


remember? i posted a month or so ago about the polls being altered...


I mentioned taking screen shots...and woops, now the whole board is having the gremlins too, when it was just my contest originally.



where the F is The band on this????


we are paying for THIS?


doesnt bono or larry know what is happening?


some asses need kicking.

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61400 hello in here. How is everyone?

Sorry you're so stressed Spicy, for what it's worth I think the band are blissfully unaware of problems with this site and I doubt they visit the zoo very often, if at all, nor do many of their fans lol
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