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More counting.........part 1000!!!!

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61513.....  maybe all of the little blue lights are on strike????  


Janette so nice to see you popping in ....  and Zhiv this school will be SO much better than the last one!!  and be smart and KEEP you!!
Hestia....  I started to go Zen, and made it thro one room.....  ha ha, still need to move on....  waiting for motivation to strike again.  tongue.gif
Polly don't give up on us!!  We will visit soon i'm sure!! 
Kert!!!  I miss chatting with you!  

I'll be back, and hope my timing is better next time....  wink.gif
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Evening all... my timing is not any betterfrown.gif but


HELLLLLOOOOOOO Polly and everyone!!


Janette snow sounds nice - it's been sleeting and raining something that feels and looks like wet rags....it's been very windy too and the storm in Scotland is coming this way...sick.gif I would rather have a real winter, snow and freeze!!


Nikki I miss chatting with you too, hope to see you soon!


Hestia, good work, cleaning is something what I shoud do too - esp. go through all my papers and get rid of 95% of them!


Zhiv congratulations, a new job is a great news I'm happy for youhappy.gif

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61518   well, the zen didn't last too long eek.gif I have a beading project all over the floor !laugh.gif

I'm going to finish as much as i can tonite and on the morrow.  Yes, it feels great to have things in order. I got so much more done today.  happy.gif 


Same sort of weather for me.  We won't have storms here for a while. More cold and more snow soon enough.

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61519 - Zen beading then??  sounds fun!

The storms in Scotland sounded crazy..... and scary...  we heard the winds reached incredible speeds...  but no fatalities. Wow...

Did everyone vote on the U22 CD??  I'm looking forward to it...  wish some of the less well known tracks would make it...

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