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New member. Introduce yourself!!!

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Ohhhh fair enough. I wondered why you were walking that that. Thought you'd farted and followed through again. Either that or yer y-fronts were chaffing again smokin.gif
Nah mate those wee buggers are biting again...last time i wear a mankini to a brothel......wink.gif
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I warned you about that before. Stick with the black mac, fez and wet celery mate. Much safer that way

nah the celery got stuck remember was up there for ages even the doc's were laughing....

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Ewwwwwww I forgot about that. Was stuck there for a fortnight. Mind you, it gave the medical staff a good laugh. Never seen so many staff crammed into a cubicle before. Thought it was a bit off when that consultant filmed it all though. Luckily, your face wasnt shown but everyone at the knocking shop regocnised you from that angle. And that is a very odd angle to recognise anyone by to be honest.


At least they found the toblerone that got lodged there 3 weeks earlier so a good result all round really

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I have wished to put something on here from when it started..Ok I put a line or two on first page...but I need to read what has been said...and then I will have a go....

Just for starters...my name is SUE, and have been here for about 10 months. I have met some really lovely people here..and so many happy times I have had. I have been a U2 fan from early 1980's. Think the first time I saw them on tv was something like"THE TUBE" ...But maybe the big thing that sticks in my head was 1985 "LIVE AID", seeing Bono jump off the stage.....what can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...will that do for starters?tongue.gif

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[quote name='Zhivvy wrote:

Adamseyes']Sorry Cheryl may I call you that?..have to get back to work boss is due back I work in an office stay in England yes so many to choose from pictures of Adam xxx 

Of course you can call me Cheryl or Zhivvy - whichever you want!

The cat's name (and mine in here) is short for Zywiec - a Polish beer! happy.gif  But no-one could pronounce it lol! So it got shortened to Zhivvy!!

(and even though I name my pets after alcohol - don't believe the rumours that I am the wine swigging, Pimms loving, drunkard of the Zoo - it is all lies!!! happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif)

And no need to be scared in here - 99% of people are lovely and friendly and willing to help you if you need any help finding your way around.

And just to let you know - I am the one on the left hand side of Barbara's avi pic - the one without the shades on!! Was taken on the train to London the other week when she was over staying with me!! happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif


Thats lovelysmile.gifI dont drink alcahol ..doesnt agree with me always sick so thats a cross I have to bearxxsorrry I had to run off boss was coming but that me home for the day now xx I work in the travel industry and get moved about a lot wish id known about this place soonersmile.gifanyway im not being rude not saying where I am in England just a bit wary because this is internet and you just dont know xxx I was working in Scotland till recently then moved back down I missed my family and friends and I didnt really like working so far away didnt like it same with Wales didnt like it there iether suppose I just like working in my own placelaugh.gifxxI dont have any pets as I have no time to spare for them although I do love cats and dogssmile.gifNo children either xx Have a partner but not a husband xxAnyway Thank You for being friendly because as I said still scared but im sure I will get over it soon Thank You again Zhivvy/Cheryl xxxxx

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I am going to have a look around now and try not to be scared xx what do you get if you become a member?xx
Hello again :)  hope you had agood day at work. I used to work in the travel industry too years ago  - was good fun but then i went into teaching instead - don't know how that happened!happy.gif

And don't worry no-one will think you rude for not saying exactly whereabouts you live - that is your choice if you tell or not - noone is going to judge you for that at all. I guess you are happy with living in England - and happy to be back here after moving around the British Isles a bit.

I love my pets - have a cat and a rabbit (bunny is my daughter's but i am the one who looks after her lol!)

So nice to find out a few more things about you!!  - we are ab it nosey here lol!!! But once again don't be scared in here - take your time and look around and see what there is to offer - there are some good pics around from last night's show!

if you become a paid member - you get a pre-sale code to use for any shows. You get a discount code to use in the shop - but only for one purchase! There is also a paid section of the chat in here - similar to this side but a few more threads etc... also from time to time we get live feeds of concerts - they are great when they happen! And a few more things in the news, tours etc.... and we can use the blogs too. - if you are planning on staying around here it may be worth thinking about! Oh and you get a CD too!!!

See you later! xx

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