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Adendum to 1st post as edit feature is not working - EBAY sales


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Look at the issues this site is having with "techincal problems". People are freaking out already that they're not getting confirmations, etc.The best bet is to buy the dvd when it comes out and find a friend with a wide screen HD tv or just go to a re-seller. I love the band and have total respectbut the politics and such are too much and not worth the time, energy and stress. Good Morning America announced on their site "check back to see howyou can become part of the audience". Um, not really. This thing was organized months ago. My co-workers son got me the tickets as he was part ofarranging the whole event. They make everyone feel they'll have a chance, meanwhile, it's been organized and taken care of long ago. I was going torenew my subscription a while ago, but after the last time, I don't want to chance it. Take a look on Ebay yourself if you're don't believe it.Then write to these people - they will have the tickets, trust me.

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