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why the June 26th show has the potential to be VERY special.......


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Does it involve a lot of June bugs?  They're always a geat way to liven up an open-air concert!


Other guesses?


--> Chocolate cheese to make a comeback.


--> The one millionth person to leave Detroit will get an official escort to the city limits, and gets to turn out the lights.


-->  Lester Bangs will come back from the dead, and will kill Kid Rock to prevent him from remaking "Rock and Roll High School."


Or...it probably involves some pro sporting event, right? 


My guesses are more entertaining, sorry!


Bring on the June bugs! 





-- eaplatt

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Because it will be the only one without Bono being the lead singer of U2 as he will still be hidden in my tent at Glastonbury after I finally got my hands on him after Friday's set!!!! :))))

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