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MacFoley's U2 song of the day shuffle thread


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Ok this is how this is going to work....


1. Get out your mp3 player, ipod, open up your u2 music on your comptuer, mac, hardrive,,,whatever....


2. Stick it on shuffle and press PLAY!


3. See what u2 song comes up and listen to it.....


4. Say what the song is and rate the song...out of 5...


5. Talk about what you remember from the song, first time you heard it, if you seen it live, praise it as much as you like or slate it as much as you want, talk about the memories of the song, what it means to you, what it doesn't mean to you...




There are hundreads of u2 songs out there, so lets keep this thread alive.


PLUS.....you can only do this ONCE A DAY, hence the U2 song of the day title, but with a shuffle...


OK................i'll start it off.........................here goes.................




5 out of 5


Personally i must admit i prefer this version to the album version. It has a much better intro, and its a cleaner recording to the album version. It is a good single, pity its a shame they dont play it live on the 360 tour...


Like Elevation it contains some rather throw-away lyrics, but its a fun and playful song and reminds me of the rattle and hum era. Edge is DEFO on fire here, and plays a old school rock n roll guitar solo. And THAT SCREAM from Bono, wow! Top stuff from the B'man....


The first time i heard this song was when the leak of the album came out 2 weeks before release, and my first impression was it was a poor man's version of VERTIGO, but since the song has been out since 2005, the single version esp has grown on me alot and prefer it much better than the album version.


But compared to other classic U2 singles, all because of you, still wouldn't make it in my top 10 U2 singles of all time.


But its a belter!!!




(now is your turn, see you tomorrow!)pimp.gif

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Great idea for a thread Mac!

Okay - doing this on my ipod I had to skip a few live songs that came up 'cause I though it would be best to stick with studio songs. So first album song today is:

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For


I'm a Joshua Tree girl - it was the album that got me into U2 (not when it was initially released, because it actually beat me into the world, but when I finally discovered their music many eyars later) so I gotta love this song.

I remember shortly after getting into U2 I found JT on vinyl at an RSL markets while staying with my sister and I got soo excited about buying. I grew up in the CD/mp3 generation so that was the first vinyl I owned and I remember be so careful with it on the train all the way home (which is funny because it was about 18 years old and hardly in mint condition) and as soon as I got home made my Dad show me how to play it on his old record player.

Sitting there listening to that record for the first time I realised the difference between a song on its own and a song as a part of a whole album (don't know if that makes any sense but it was the first time that I realised that an album could be much more than just the sum of its parts). Anyway, I tend to think of any of those songs as part of that album now like chapters in a book.


I also love the version on Rattle and Hum - love that part of the movie where they are practising with the gospel choir - just makes the song something more.

As for live - have seen it 5 times now (from 6 shows) - and I kind of love that part of the show - being part of a choir of 50000 people singing it - it is pretty cool.


Okay - that was fun. Thanks Mac. See you tomorrow :)

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Cool idea!!!!!!!!! 

Okay I hit shuffle on my iPod and Vertigo came on. 
I was like like 8-10 when I first heard this. I was utterly embarrassed. My dad is a huge U2 fan. Whenever he worked in the garage he would blast his U2 mix in the CD player. See, I didn't think anyone liked U2 when I was that age. I thought they were weird. Especially Bono and Edge. But mostly Bono. I always pictured Bono and his slicked back long brown hair and glasses and his weird cowboy hat whenever my 8 or 10 year-old-self heard Vertigo. Whenever I heard this song, I'd ask my Dad to turn it down. 
But when I was dragged to my first U2 concert, I LOVED it. I loved how it goes uno dos tres catorce. I love how rock and roll it sounds. And I love the "girl with crimson nails has jesus round her neck, swinging to the music..." and the "all of this can be yours." I also love how you can really hear Adam on it. this is an AMAZING song. It gets me pumped and I love to hear it live. 
So yeah, I love Vertigo happy.gif 
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Nice one Mac (much better than the swingers thingwink.gif)

Deep In The Heart

This was the version from the Joshua Tree Deluxe Bonus Edition CD
5 out of 5
One of My preferred B-sides, I like the mellowness of it, good driving song, and Edges guitar effects, you can get lost in Edge's guitar sound in this song.
Don't think they will ever play it live. Can honestly say the first time I've ever heard this song was about two years ago when I was trying to get every single U2 song ever made. So it is still new to me I love hearing it when it comes up on shuffle (no skip for this one).

Thanks Mac.

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ok here goes......




5 out of 5


Wow! First time i heard this remix was in a free cd given in an edition of Q magazine back in 2000. It wasn't released yet either on eny format that i know of, until later it was a b-side on Stuck in a moment you can't get out of.


Being a big fan of u2 remix's because of my love for electro music, i remember instantly loving this beautiful day remix. I rank it very high in the list of U2 remixes too.


I am a little bit tempted to say this beats the original hands down. It is more uplifting, more trancey and more UP FOR IT! Imagine if they played this version live instead of I'll go crazy remix! It would be amazing!


(Oh going back to All because of you, i heard it live on the veritgo tour)


The remix of beutiful day well...sadly hasnt been played live as not many remixes do get played live.




.......see you tomorrow for another U2 song shuffle of the day!!!

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This is a great idea, didn't come in yesterday, was being a good wife ( wedding anniversary and all that)


Moment of surrender: Live from sheffield, 2009


Yes well, what can I say without being biased, sheffield was one of my favourite 360 concerts.


MOS the track itself wasn't a favourite when I first the album, but live I love it, Bono puts so much emotion into the beginning of the song, when he starts by thanking everyone, love the lyrics. Playing with the fire till the fire played with me..................................


The sound of Edge's guitar drifting over the stadium on that summer evening was amazing. It will stay with me forever.


Forgot to score 5 out of 5wink.gif

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only 3 replies...only 3 proper u2 fans with songs! ;)

loads of albums next to cd-player. but no ipod, i've got mp3 on my cellphone, with couple of albums on it (HTDAAB, ATYCLB, NLOTH, AB, POP, ZOOROPA, R&H, JT) but i didnt discover the shuffle-mode yet...embarassed.gif

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