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How to Post a Photo on U2.com


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Upload your pictures from your computer to your Photobucket account_74615.


Photobucket is free and easy to use.


It takes your photos and converts them into code.


Then that can be posted and converted into images on here.


Once your photos are in your photobucket account, look to the right of the photobucket page and you will see


4 kinds of code:


1) Email & IM

2) Direct Link

3) HTML code

4) IMG code


Choose the IMG code and copy and paste it here in a Reply box.

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Zhivvy, the direct link will still work.


To Post a photo on here using the direct link code from photobucket:


1) Go to the tool bar that is at the top of the reply box.


Its the one with the symbols like the A and the T and the F and the B and the yellow smile--all appear at the top of the


reply box once you open it.


2) Click onto the symbol to the left of the yellow smile. Its the little square box.


3) it will ask you for the url: and be followed by a blank space.


4) Paste your direct link code there.


5) click onto post

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Flickr is a free website where you can do the same thing as photobucket.

1) upload a picture from you computers hard drive

2) look above your uploaded photo and you will see a white envelope, the symbol for facebook and twitter, and then a drop-down menu. Click on the drop-down menu and the option to grab HTML code will appear.

3) copy that code

4) go to a reply box on U2.com

5) look at the tool bar above the reply box, the one with the yellow smilie on it

6) Look on the row of icons below the smilie

7) You will see an arrow, HTML, and spellcheck as choices

8) click on HTML first

9) when you click on HTML, it will turn yellow

10) next, paste your HTML code in to the reply box

11) click on the HTML icon once more

12) your code will now convert to a photo

13) click on post

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pimp.gif Thanks so much!  I have Picassa, is there any way to use that?



All you need to have is the same HTML code as mentioned above in post #4.


When you are in your album, double click on your photo and on the right hand side there will appear "LINK TO THIS PHOTO"


click on that.


There will drop down a choice to "EMBED IMAGE"


Copy the HTML code in that box, and paste it in here.

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