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Countdown To... Glastonbury!!!


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7 days until 2 giants collide... U2 meet Glastonbury as a band for the first time. Ever.


Its been a long, long time coming, and warrants this special early countdown thread, especially as we have this official brand new website and facebook Countdown app just released...


The 360° tour  has been... still is!... monumental, biggest ever on the planet, and talk about icing on the cake, in a weeks' time, the biggest, and in my view most important band in the world today meets the biggest and best known festival in the history of festivals...


Am a bigging it up too much? A little over excited perhaps? Hell yeah! Unashamedly!


Perhaps it is because I am going to be there too :)

And we are going to be covering the event live, from early next Thursday 23rd June right through until Saturday 25th, right here within the U2.com Community pages.


There will be a special CoverItLive event posted up on the Community Landing page right after the Baltimore show, where you can follow events as they happen on my journey to Worthy Farm in Somerset, and walk with me and the many other U2 fans who will be there...


Are you going? If so, have you added your name to the 'who is going' threads here and here yet?


If you are going, lets know all about your own journey, where you are travelling from, if you are planning any meet-ups with other Zootops, and whereabouts / venues / times on site etc...


If you are going to be there and plan to tweet or facebook or share your own photos and videos / blogs as you go, then please, do add in this thread your twitter name or link to where you will be hosting your content so we can add it all in to bring the best fan-coverage of the event as possible...

In the next few days there will be a special #U2Glasto Group here in the community forums where you will be able to host stuff also....


Or are you planning to watch it / listen to it from the comfort of your own sofa, via the mega- coverage provide here in the UK by the BBC (who also will be broadcasting some content from the festival worldwide via the internet and TV)...

Keep checking back at the announcement post which will be updated as the week goes along with as much relevant #U2Glasto info as possible...


Wherever you are in the world, whatever time it will be, then honestly, hand on heart, you do not want to miss coverage of this unique happening. Awesome does not even begin to describe it.


Woodstock... Live Aid... Glastonbury 2011... has a nice ring to it eh?


Love and Peace. Or else.

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