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No Miami for me


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Well, I have been really torn about the Miami show. I just can't do it. So many tours over close to 30 years. The first show was the War tour in Orlando, only missed one tour (INTENTIONALLY) I usually decide last minute oh hell I am gonna go. I've been going back and forth should I should I not go, well, after much consideration, I am too old to get caught up in the Mayhem of it all and I can't spend the money to go down there, tickets, parking, gas, all that goes into it all. I am gonna sit back on the couch and hopefully get a live feed. I use to be a hardcore fan, now I am just not into the whole concert scene. It's official: I am old and feeling this wonderful new economy in my country. The only place I would wanna be is on the floor and you gotta be there early etc. At least the last concert I went to was with my daughter and tons of fun with great memories. That's a good way to end it. 

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