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Possible Glastonbury setlist opening?


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This video contains Glastonbury rehearsal footage. Pause at 0:02, and there's a sheet that says 'May 4th - Run through + check segues', and then lists the setlist, although we can only see the first 5 songs. For those of you who can't read it, here is what it says: 

-Intro - 
I Will Follow 
New Year's Day 
Still Haven't Found 

This might have changed a bit since May 4th, but I get the feeling this could be a possible opening to the set. The rest of the footage seems to feature the band rehearsing One, Streets, Elevation, Magnificent, and UTEOTW. So those other songs are also possible set features. Also, look at the surroundings of the band. The place is a small theatre. There's no gantry, so I can't see the band using that, otherwise they would have rehearsed in a place where they could fit a gantry. Maybe they will use some visual FX at the actual gig.
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