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How Many Times Have You Seen U2 In Concert??


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1997-06-18 POPmart Oakland I

2001-04-17 Elevation San Diego

2001-04-19 Elevation San Jose I

2001-04-20 Elevation San Jose II

2001-04-23 Elevation Anaheim I

2001-04-24 Elevation Anaheim II

2001-04-26 Elevation Anaheim III

2001-11-05 Elevation Austin

2001-11-07 Elevation Denver II

2001-11-09 Elevation Salt Lake City

2001-11-12 Elevation Los Angeles I

2001-11-13 Elevation Los Angeles II

2001-11-15 Elevation Oakland I

2001-11-16 Elevation Oakland II

2001-11-18 Elevation Las Vegas

2001-11-19 Elevation Los Angeles III

2001-11-23 Elevation Phoenix II

2001-11-25 Elevation Dallas II

2001-11-27 Elevation Kansas City

2001-11-30 Elevation Atlanta II

2001-12-01 Elevation Tampa

2001-12-02 Elevation Miami

2006-12-09 Vertigo Honolulu

2009-10-12 360 Arlington

2009-10-14 360 Houston

2009-10-18 360 Norman

2009-10-20 360 Glendale

2009-10-23 360 Las Vegas

2009-10-25 360 Pasadena

2009-10-28 360 Vancouver

2011-05-21 360 Denver

2011-05-24 360 Salt Lake City


But it's not the quantity in the end, but the quality (however cliched it sounds)


See you guys in East Lansing



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I've only been able to see them 6 times so far:

11-17-1987 Joshua Tree Los Angeles 1
10-25-2009 360 Pasadena
05-21-2011 360 Denver
05-24-2011 360 Salt Lake City
06-17-2011 360 Anaheim 1
06-18-2011 360 Anaheim 2

As you can see, I missed an awful lot in between JT and 360. Life got in the way. 

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Wow you guys with 30+ are lucky! I've seen them 8 times, wish it could be more!

1987 Joshua Tree, San Diego

1992 Zoo TV, San Diego

1997 Popmart, San Diego

2001 Elevation, San Diego

2005 Vertigo, San Diego

2005 Vertigo, Oakland

2009 360, Rose Bowl

2011 360, Anaheim 1

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around the 40 mark, but trust me, whom ever you meet at a gig someone will have seen them more and seen a tour earlier and it prob will be true too. thought i saw them a lot of times but met a bloke at the Vertigo Aussie leg and he had seen them 180 times then, go knows how many more now, i just keep me gob quiet and not say anything unless someone really asks and grills me.


first one .....Live aid London, last one Anaheim gigs...that's a story ;)

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I wish I was older!!! : ( Last night was my 5th time. Pittsburgh will be my 6th.


Vertigo (East Rutherford, NJ) ...I was 17 years old.

Vertigo (Washington DC)

360 (Charlotteville, VA)

360 (Denver, CO)

360 (Baltimore, MD)...


and coming sooooon... PITTSBURGH!

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