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for those of you in or near E. Lansing...U2 themed party Friday nt........


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there is supposed to be a U2 themed party tonight at Claddagh's in Lansing Friday night. Lansing is about a 3-4 mile or approx. 7 minute drive from Spartan Stadium. I'm at a Claddagh's in Cleveland right now, and the manager at this one is originally from Ireland and talked to somebody at the one in Lansing who said they are giving away two tickets to the U2 show and also having a U2 cover band there Friday night.

Claddagh's is an Irish-themed bar/restaurant.

directions from E. Lansing to Claddagh's :

248 Jenison FieldhouseEast LansingMI 48824-1025
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route_start.png 1. Start out going WEST on E KALAMAZOO ST toward BIRCH RD.
0.2 mi
turn_right.png 2. Take the 1st RIGHT onto S HARRISON RD.
  • If you reach UNIVERSITY VLG you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

0.3 mi
turn_left.png 3. Turn LEFT onto MICHIGAN AVE/M-143 W.
  • If you are on HARRISON AVE and reach ELM ST you've gone a little too far

0.8 mi
turn_right.png 4. Turn RIGHT onto N HOMER ST.
  • N HOMER ST is just past N CLIPPERT ST

0.6 mi
?s=rs&t=RS00002BW_SM&n=127&d=NORTH 5. Merge onto US-127 N toward CLARE.
1.0 mi
?s=rs&t=RSEXITRIGHTNUM_SM&n=79&d= 6. Take the LAKE LANSING RD exit, EXIT 79.
0.3 mi
turn_left.png 7. Turn LEFT onto W LAKE LANSING RD.
0.4 mi
turn_right.png 8. Turn RIGHT onto TOWNE CENTER BLVD.
  • TOWNE CENTER BLVD is 0.1 miles pastPREYDE BLVD

0.04 mi
route_end.png 9. 2900 TOWNE CENTRE BLVD.
  • If you reach SAMS WAY EAST you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

2900 Towne Centre BlvdLansingMI 48912-5615
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