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U2 Glastonbury 2011

muddy grey wolf

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Everyone is getting ultra-excited as U2 are due to take to the stage tonight

Are U2 aware that viewers on T.V will see a maximum of only 35 minutes on T.V tonight??

Saw Larry Mullen saying there is still some confusion over what the set list will actually include and there is as yet no running order for the songs even at this late stage. 

It's obvious U2 and their record company have delayed the release of the "new album" until they have appeared on Glastonbury 2011 as it had to be delayed because of the problems with Bono's back last year and U2 having to pull out of last year's show as a result.

(The real reason for the New album not being released as yet)

If there are only 35 minutes to make a huge impact on T.V viewers who may be fairly new to U2 and hopefully become fans the running order will be of no importance unless they are actually there.

As far as I can see from my T.V listings the coverage on the B.B.C begins at 22.30 on B.B.C HD, BBC 2 starts at 21.45 and ends at 22.30 breaks for Newsnight then continues at 23.05. B.B.C 4's coverage begins at 22.30 and ends at 23.05

My point being there will no complete live coverage of U2's performance at Glastonbury 2011 as many of us had hoped during the build up to this year's event but instead we will be shown only 35 minutes of U2 on stage?

Is there anywhere those of us who will be watching at home can see the whole U2 performance on T.V or Internet?

(If I had tickets and be able to be there I would)
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