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What is your favorite U2 Bootleg? and why??


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Chicago 1987 JT Tour , The band was on fire this night , as I am sure they were on many occasions on this tour but this is the best JT boot I have heard , Bad is phenomenal...

Dublin Boxing day 1989 , the Samuel Becket intro into streets is breathtaking and so emotional , spine tingling..

Kiel 1992 ZTV Tour , Amazing audience , one of the best Zoo Tv bootlegs outthere...

New York 1985 UFT...MSG....One of U2's first big shows to a U2 Audience...

Sarajevo 1997 PM ......Fuck the past kiss the future ....Great show....

Tokyo 2006 , Great show , Audience electric...

US Festival 1983...Fortunate enough to have this on Audio and DVD...

Rotterdam 1992...U2 always rock in Holland...

Glasgow 1983....one of the best War Tour Boots...

Would love to hear others suggestions and recommandations

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Yeah great show , the countdown at the beginning is great , wish I had have been there for that one...
Every NYD for the past few years I've listed to the bootleg! makes the day even more special!
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Got a few, good topic by the way!



Favs are in no order...Rock the palias: most incredible sound I ever heard on any U2 CD official or not


Live from tokyo: December 2006


Rocks hottest ticket: complete joshua tree concert and great sound


The complete boston tapes 1983


The real thing: holland (zooTV tour) live with no crowd noise getting in the way



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I have a few bootlegs: Songs listed are additionals that are rare, and rarely performed.


"A Shade of Gray" - Boy Tour


"Children of the Revolution" - Boy Tour.....Street Mission, The Fool, Lost on a Distant Planet, Touch, All in the Light, J. Swallow, Glad to See You, Things to Make and Do, The Dream is Over, Another Day.


"An Electric Company on Stage" - Boy Tour.....Fire, Celebration.


"Fire in Philadelphia" - Unforgettable Fire Tour....Wire, Seconds.


"Live from McNichols Arena" - JT Tour....Trip Through Your Wire, Spanish Eyes, Silver and Gold.


"U2 live from Foxboro" - ZooTV Tour.....Bad, Desire, Ultraviolet.


All are great audio quality.

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