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Gavin Friday - Catholic - The song 'Able' - must have it now!


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While at the Denver U2360 show, I was getting into the music between bands.  Some of it I knew, and some I didn't.  So this really catching and hypnotic song comes on and I immediately love it.  I am always searching for new music and checking out new bands.  After the show was over, I sought out my little sister to ask her who was singing THAT song?  She generally knows about new music, but wasn't sure who the singer was that I was trying to find out about.

So I forgot about the song, and then I find myself hearing it again in E. Lansing, and really needing to know who the singer was of this song that I was in love with.  I listen to a lot of different music and am pretty familiar with voices of singers.  However, I didn't know this one.  

One day, I open U2.com and see Gavin Friday's 'Catholic' being advertised, and I was like...hmmmmm..... I put the pieces together, went over on itunes and took a listen.  Sure enough, the song was 'Able'.  Wow!  I absolutely LOVE this song.  I'm buying the album off of itunes and I cannot wait to download it on my ipod!  Would love to hear more like this!!
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