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Comcast: "And The Children Were Smothered on The Stairs by The Door"


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Is anyone Familiar with the 1913 Italian Hall Massacre? Is anyone Familiar with the Barnes Foundation Art Move in Philadelphia? Does anybody care aboutpreserving the Nation's Cultural Integrity anymore?

Did you know that Comcast money may be backing the reprehensible effort to dismantle a great place of Artistic and Intellectual freedom in Pennsylvania? TheBarnes Foundation in Merion Station, Pennsylvania is an American Renaissance-style Mansion built in the Golden Age of America, The Roaring '20s. Locatedin a World Class "secret garden" and placed among the trees of a 125+ year old Arboretum, there is no place like The Barnes anywhere in the world. It is a great place of American Peace and One American's Testament to Imagination, Social Justice and Racial Equality.

Built by a poor kid from south Philly who became rich beyond his wildest dreams, it is the first American Anti-Establishment American Monument. Now, theEstablishment has its meathooks in it and they want to take it apart and move it just 5 miles to make a tourist attraction in Center City Philadelphia.

A Mansion Art Gallery, The Barnes is filled with hundreds of paintings (181 Renoirs, 56 Cezanne, 46 Picassos, 50+Matisses, Seurat, Modigliani, VanGogh,Reubens, Manet, Monet & more) and sculptures that create a symphony of color never before seen in the World. The "cultured people" of Americaoriginally laughed at Dr. Barnes' decadent Art. Now, they can't seem to keep their hands off it. The Barnes has been called a "Rune" by awriter for The New Yorker and it contains a New Modern Language of Visual Literacy. It has highly sophisticated symbolism telling a uniquely American Tale.

It is dedicated in part to The Italian Hall 1913 Massacre which occurred during a Miners' Strike in Calumet Michigan that Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan sangabout. Listen to the Song and compare the following symbolism: It has a high stair with 73 rungs in the railing representing the 73 women & children thatdied on Christmas Eve when a scab yelled fire during a crowded Miners' Celebration. Barnes hung the most important painting of the 20th CenturyMatisse's, The Joy of Life, in his high stair to forever commemorate the joy and the lives that the Copper Boss scabs killed that Christmas Eve in 1913. Matisse did a Rose window type Mural called "Danse" in the arches of the ceiling of The Barnes to echo the theme of dancing. There is a picture of alittl girl playing the piano in the balcony of the Stair and a gigantic Matisse called "Riffan" which resembles a big Christmas tree.

Now Comcast is listed as a contributor in to the effort to dismantle the Barnes and Aileen Roberts, a member of the family that in part controls Comcast is onthe Barnes Board of Trustees.

The Barnes is also a Templar Homage with galleries 4 and 3 facing Flanders Field Memorial Chapel in Belgium (which is, itself, dedicated to 43 Unknown Soldiersof WWI) with The Barnes Gallery 4 containing images suggestive of the Fleur de Lis and the Templars and The Barnes Gallery 3 containing images of Flanders.

Now, Comcast and several other wealthy "alpha" donors are listed as participating in an unpopular effort to Move the Art Collection just 5 miles toCenter City Philadelphia to form a tourist attraction. The Barnes is a sacred place of American peace and qualifies for National Landmark status; however, the'trustees' refuse to preserve it. HELP KEEP THE BARNES IN MERION! STOP THE MOVE! visit Barnesfriends.org Artjail.org Barnesfoundation.org

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