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One Tree Hill...


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...I have been to more U2 shows than I can count over the years (I stopped counting at 25) and have all the stubs from each...I have seen them from early 1983 on and in that time I have seen them perform almost every song from their catalogue.  However, the one song I haven't seen live is One Tree Hill.  I know the story behind the song and the inspiration for the lyrics.  The song, as much as any other, helped a wayward young man through a very difficult time in his life...

...if the lads were to pull this out in Minneapolis, then my concert-going life would not end, but it would be complete.

Break it out, boys!  I know you did in Chicago.  Do it in the Twin Cities and at least one of the 60,000 or so in the crowd will know how emotional that piece is for you.
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