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Zootops...You know what would be SO COOL!?!?! It's a little ambitious...


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An Official U2 360 Journal.....written by us!!!!!!!! 

Okay. It's a dream. But whatever. Anyway, this is what it is: 

The official U2.com peoples print out the show reports of every single stop on the tour. That's the first page of each entry. Then!!! U2 fans like you and me send in OUR experiences of whatever shows we attended. If you attended 30, pick however many you want. If you attended one, send that one in. (We'd have a word limit of course.) Anyway and we sign our names at the bottom like in a journal!! So, You will have an amazing documentation of the legendary record-breaking U2 360 tour written completely by the fans from all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! and let's say you can send in one original picture with each review. Think of it like this...you could keep it forever and show all your grandchildren and great grandchildren the book!! It could be an extra subscribers gift or we could buy it on the U2.com site or something. 

SO would YOU like to have one? I think it would be just something fun to have. happy.gif So yeah. I just thought of it now. 

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