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*Update #2!! Awaiting Reply...*Principle Management tells fans to fax Moncton Stream request!!!!!!


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**Update #2: First, again I want to thank Mich 40 for getting the fax numbers. I wanna thank all those who posted, tweeted, and faxed. We raised our voice. Just because we didn't get what we wished, I know in my heart the band got word. Thank you for keeping the faith. I will post ASAP if we get a reply from PM AND U2.COM. They have been contacted all ways possible. Hold Tight. I don't think they'll (OR U2.COM) leave us hanging. We'll get an answer.....
Once again, thanks for raising your voice. We were certainly ONE! It's been fun with you guys...

*Update-Hey everyone. The only thing to do is wait. Keep tweeting. A fax or two here or there wouldn't hurt. But keep holding on to your faith guys. Again. Hold Tight. Thanks for raising your voice.*

EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I know time is running out. Don't stop believing and trying and hoping!!!)

okay so we all want the audio stream on Saturday. 

Mich40 did an amazing job. Thanks for getting the fax numbers (thanks to Monica too!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, She called Principle Management and this is what happened: "I just got off the phone with Michelle at Principle Management in New York.  She said that the best way for our voices to be heard would be to present our requests to their office via fax as soon as possible.

New York fax number: 212-765-2372[/font]

Dublin fax number: +353 (0)1 6777 276. "
SO DO YOU WANT A LIVE STREAM? Send the fax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GO OVER HERE http://community.u2.com/topic/24142 and sign it!! Also USE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER TO SPREAD THE WORD. As much as you can!! We are gaining ground on twitter. Please keep Tweeting about it! Don't give up guys div><div>Let
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Message from Bigwave : 'On behalf of the mod team, and U2.com subscribers, and fans everywhere we have submitted a special request for something special from the final night, for online followers. Hopefully the overwhelming number of posts, tweets and the like will filter though to the folk that can make that happen. Call me an optimist. if anything does get announced, then it will show up first on the U2.com main page.'

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