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Hi all !

I bought some tickets in milan this morning, but after I paid, every windows closed.

But I receive a mail from ticketone called " ORDER CONFIRMATION - TICKETONE"

I just want to know if the persons who bought some tickets received the same mail and if this mail means that the purchase is good, if that has work and if nowI just must to wait from the tickets.

Sorry fro my poor english, I'm french ^^

Thakns you !

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Hi, would like you to help me in finding code access. I have not yet received any mail with code and when I enter in the tour page after log in I cannot findany code access!! can you explain to me what have I to do?? thaks

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birddefiant wrote:


I would like to know as well I have been a member since 1984 and I still do not have my code yet

have you looked on the tours page.youre code should be in the left hand side in a box.with the tour dates on the right.


i have my presale code.and i got my email 5 days after i subscribed.

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yeah. got my tickets!

and there are still G.A. tickets available for milan!


you get a order confirmation mail, everthing is allright, but my windows didn't close.


and the code: i got a mail today, because i'm in the boots section.


but my code was always in the tour section of u2.com.


maybe try with firefox - sign in -after signing in the homepage is black - go to tours section - code will appear on the left side above the dates.

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