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ZOOTV will always be THE U2 tour...ever...


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360 was a monster of a tour...biggest ever tour in rock history, played to over 7 million peoples...BIGGEST stage and highest since jesus was hung up on a cross...bono even got a new back because of the tour! can't be all bad eh?!?!?!

All in all it was a rather spanking tour and i was so proud to be part of this amazing tour....


ZOOTV................everything you know is wrong!!! watched the amazing live in oz dvd a couple of nights ago, and well, they WERE at the peak of their Irish powers...both indoors and outdoors...the phonecalls,,,macphistop,,,,adam's drug missed soundcheck,,,LARRY SINGING!!!

I was so proud to be part of that tour too....

...just saying you know! roll.gif

roll on the next tour lads! (if there is to be one....)

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think that is controversial.....but a good topic.


i think as spectacles, it was F.a..b ;) on par with Popmart .


i do not think either have been beaten....flame suit on.

but look at the way they cut through the songs, bono's voice was on top form! effortless...and that multi media outblast, very very clever idea ZOOTV, so ahead of its time!
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