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Right then! Now that it's over...


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[quote name='MacFoley wrote:

danielsentana wrote:


GOD we think so alike!!!

Hahaha yes I've also come to realize... good though, so that it doesn't look like I'm the only one complaining in this site of their choice of sets...


MAN! when the tour was going strong and when there was a set list thread about a show they were playing, i remember being told to shut it in terms of the middle of the road songs they were playing in a row, compared to when the tour first started. the way i see it is the start of the tour up until they dropped those set highlights were really good. then they started playing stingray, which was kinda cool, but not to play breathe as the opener, was like confusing. and not only that, off the back of dropping it alltogether off the tour dvd, it showed that they didnt feel it was such a good song afterall.

i think its one of the best songs off the no line album.

unknown caller, live it was brilliant. the whole stadium was singing the words. it sounded amazing! and edge's solo at the end just was so LOUD! and then they dropped it.....

you know what i think of them dropping unforgettable fire!!!!

and when they got back this year for the achtung/zootv 20th anniversary mini sets, the sets were saved because zooropa and out of control saved the day!


Dropping the NLOTH songs was such a crime!! I mean, it's okay if you drop some to put others (Fez, Stand Up) but those didn't even show up and probably won't ever. My favorite tracks, Breathe and No Line, are so damn good live, it's a shame they considered they weren't! Unknown Caller was incredible, maybe not a fixture but it should've keep appearing. 
Replacing TUF for Miss Sarajevo: shameful. Especially considering Miss S. has been played previously for almost all Vertigo Tour.
I believe this tour could've been great if they had continued with their original concept (alas, Bono's injury may have influenced him to rethink things) plus introducing new stuff, and even including the mini-Zoo TV set. 

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Was Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World played in full, or just a snippet?

Just a snippet. They rehearsed the full version before the gig in Turin, but they never played the whole song in concert. A shame, really, because that would've meant Achtung Baby's presence in the setlist would've been even bigger.

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