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By the way, that was a joke. Don't go getting the wrong idea that I have a thing for Adam. I don't. I don't want anything taken the wrong way.   Also, Mango's, wine, cheese, not just any cheese blu

daang Zhiv!


And i got excited for finally getting to "playboy mansion"



congratulations zhivvy! and why dont they give you a new status, like MAGNFICENT??

@redhead, when I reached playboy mansion, I was all embarrassed, bc I didnt know why I suddenly was being called that!!! I seriously thought someone was messing with me!!


but congratulations on your new status.

at the rate youre going, you will be discoteque soon!
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so i was reading an issue of teen vogue and Bono's daughter, Eve, was in it! It was really funny cause I was all like, "oh hey...that name hewson sounds familiar"


she's so pretty!!


anyway, it was cool

I was shocked when I saw her pic. We remember seeing Edge's daughter walk by at the Pond during the Elevation tour! Kids grow up too fast, ugh.
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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

xtraspicy62']who is he trying to fool? theres nothing there!


Arrrrrrrr -my eyes my eyes!!!!! 


my dear zhivvy, what has the young man to grab onto anyway?


LOL  No mango, that's for sure...maybe kumquats?

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